Holiday Beef Roast Ordering Guide

Whole Beef  Tenderloin: Average weight 6-8 lbs. before trimming. Typical trim loss is 2.5-3.5lbs. Suggested serving size is 6-8oz. per adult. Trimmed and tied a whole tenderloin will feed 8-12 people. It will allow for several different degrees of doneness to allow your guests to have it done to their liking.

Center Cut Tenderloin Roast: Sold by the pound. Serving suggestion is the same as a whole tenderloin at 6-8 oz. per guest. This cut is much smaller at a maximum size of 3.5 lbs. and is better suited for smaller get togethers up to 6 people. It is also more evenly shaped which allows the entire roast to cook to a single degree of doneness. 

Boneless Prime Rib Roast: Sold by the pound. Suggested average adult serving size is 1 lb. per person before cooking, this will allow for shrinkage and fat loss. Easy to prepare and only needs to be cooked on a rack in your roasting pan, to mimic the bone-in prime rib roast.

Bone-In or Standing Rib Roast: Sold by the rib which typically weighs between 2.5 -3 lbs. before cooking  Each rib will feed 2 average adult eaters. Easy to prepare as we will remove the bone most of the way and tie it back together for easy carving when it's done. Keep in mind the meat between the rib bone can also add to your meal, but it will also add a significant amount of bone waste.

Top Sirloin Roast: Sold by the pound. Serving suggestion is 12-14 oz. before cooking for each guest. This will allow for some minimal shrinkage, also being our most economical beef roast it may allow you to get a little bit more than need for some left over roast beef sandwiches!

NY Striploin Roast: Sold by the pound. Serving suggestion is 12-14 oz. per guest, this will allow for some minimal shrinkage. this roast is closely related to a prime rib roast but doesn't provide as much waste. It may have slightly less flavor but, can also reduce your overall cost because of smaller serving sizes.